Solid Soft Starter

Medium Voltage Solid Soft Start Device

Medium voltage soft starter controls the input voltage through the conduction Angle between the control items in order to change the voltage value at he starter end of a motor, that is, control the starting torque and starting current of the motor to realize the motor soft start control. 
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Medium voltage Frequency Converter

Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter

The system adopts the current stable, reliable and advanced power unit cascade technology, with DSP+FPGA+CPL D processor as the control core, PLC as the user interface, and touch screen as the human-computer interaction interface. 

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Arc Extinction Cabinet

Medium voltage Arc Extinction Cabinet

In normal operation, the microcomputer controller continuously detects the voltage signal provided by PT. Once the system has PT disconnection, single-phase metal grounding or single-phase arc grounding, its auxiliary secondary open triangle voltage will immediately change from electrical low level to high level. 

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Active Power Filter

Active Harmonic Power Filter

The active filter detects the load current in real time through the external current transformer CT, and extracts the harmonic components of the load current through the internal DSP calculation. Then the PWM signal is sent to the internal IGBT to control the inverter to generate a current equal to the load harmonic and in the opposite direction into the power grid to compensate the harmonic current, to achieve the filtering 

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Induced draft fan, blower, primary fan, secondary fan, feed water pump, circulating water pump, condensate pump, mortar pump, etc.


Main and auxiliary shaft hoist, main fan, pressure fan, extraction fan, air Compressor, gas drainage pump, medium pump, drainage pump, belt machine, roller Press, etc.

Petroleum And Natural Gas

Oil pumping pump, water injection pump, submersible electric pump, LNG pressure pump, etc.


Sintering spindle fan, blast furnace blower, dust blower, sulfur dioxide drumFan, ring air cooler, combustion fan, circulating water pump, slag pump, except Phosphorus pump, chemical liquid pump, pulp pump, rolling mill, etc


High temperature fan, kiln head exhaust fan, kiln tail exhaust fan, coal mill circulating fan,raw material grinding circulating fan, cement grinding circulating fan, ball mill, etc.

Public Works

Clean water pump, sewage pump, purification pump, mixed flow pump, feed blower, etc.

Chemical Industry

Dust removal fan, gas blower, Roots fan, desulfurization fan, gasCompressor (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc.), circulating water pump, etc


Pharmaceutical paper industry fan, water pump, etc. Sugar industry feeder, press, etc. rubber industry mixer and so on.

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Zhejiang Rongzhi Electric Power CO.,LTD is a high technology company focusing on electrical integration filed. We own a professional research & development ,production & service team with more than 15 years’ working experience . Our main products are medium voltage solid state soft starter device, medium voltage frequency converter , soft starter. medium voltage automatic reactive power compensation , active power filter and many more products. At Present. Our products have been widely used in energy & chemical industry, metal smelting , power grid , industrial manufacturing , universities , medical ,city commerce, water conservancy and hydropower , road traffic , commercial houses .etc.


How does the solid soft starter device protect the moter

How does the solid soft starter device protect the moter

The solid soft starter device is a type of motor control device that is used to protect motors from damage due to sudden surges in power. The device works by gradually increasing the voltage to the motor, allowing it to ramp up to its full operating speed. This helps to reduce the stress on the motor, which in turn helps to extend its life.

Solid state soft start device can protect the motor from damage

Solid state soft start device can protect the motor from damage

As technology advances, the use of solid state soft starters has become increasingly popular in industrial applications. Solid state soft starters are devices that are used to reduce the amount of current used when starting an electric motor. This type of soft starter is a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional mechanical starters.