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              RZHV Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter 3kv 6kv 10kv 400-3250kw
              • RZHV Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter 3kv 6kv 10kv 400-3250kwRZHV Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter 3kv 6kv 10kv 400-3250kw
              • RZHV Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter 3kv 6kv 10kv 400-3250kwRZHV Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter 3kv 6kv 10kv 400-3250kw
              • RZHV Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter 3kv 6kv 10kv 400-3250kwRZHV Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter 3kv 6kv 10kv 400-3250kw

              RZHV Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter 3kv 6kv 10kv 400-3250kw

              It can be processed according to the drawings and samples, receive oem orders, accept wholesale and customization. Provide a complete set of motor protection system solutions. Apply Motor power:400-3250kw,Diameter Size(mm):6500×2450×1300 or Customized

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              Product Description


                     RZHV series high voltage inverter is the third generation of high voltage frequency conversion speed regulating device which is independently developed, designed and produced by Rongzhi Electric. The system adopts the current stable, reliable and advanced power unit cascade technology, with DSP+FPGA+CPL D processor as the control core, PLC as the user interface, and touch screen as the human-computer interaction interface. Inject the most advanced motor vector control algorithm has high control precision, fast response speed, low frequency torque and other characteristics has been widely used in the fan. hoist and other loads of energy-saving speed regulation and process improvement, solve the problem of using, for users to create profit.

              Operating Environment 

                    In order to ensure that the speed regulating device can run stably and reliably for a long time, the installation and working environment of frequency conversion speed regulating device should meet the following requirements.

                      The inverter room should be equipped with sufficient air conditioning equipment, dehumidification equipment, dust sealing equipment, to ensure that the operating environment temperature of equipment meets the requirements of 6.2 Operating environment in DL-T994-2006.
                      There shall be no conductive or explosive dust, no gas or steam that corrodes metal or damages insulation, the total amount of non-conductive and non-explosive dust <6.5mg/dm3, and the pollution level shall not be greater than grade II.
                     The electromagnetic environment of the installation site shall meet the provisions of the following national standards (Electromagnetic compatibility test and Measurement Technology) : GB/ T1766.2 -1998; GB/T17626.4-1998; GB/T 17626.5 1998; GB/T 17626.6 1998; GB/T 17626.8 1998.
                     The power supply harmonics comply with GB/T 14549, and the power supply voltage fluctuation ranges from +10% to -35%. The voltage unbalance of the power supply meets the requirements of GB/T15543, and the frequency fluctuation range of the power supply meets the requirements of GB/T15945.Inverter room and superior power distribution system are required to have good lightning protection measures to avoid lightning damage.Party A guarantees that the grounding resistance at the grounding point of the device is less than 4 ohms, and the connecting section between the grounding point of the inverter and the grounding point of the power grid shall not be less than 50mm².If the room installed with frequency converter needs heating, electric heating equipment should be used. Do not use water heating to avoid frequency converter failure caused by heating leakage.heating to avoid frequency converter failure caused by heating leakage.

              Product Composition
              Transformer Cabinet
                     The phase shift transformer is used for multi-pulse rectification, which greatly improves the current waveform of the grid side ,
              effectively reduces the harmonic pollution caused by the equipment
                      A temperature controller is configured to monitor the transformer status all the time and ensure the safe operation of the
              Cooling fan
                     Adopt well-known brands in the industry: high reliability, large air volume,low noise.

              Touch screen

                     TFT LCD touch screen, realistic display effect; Friendly interface, strong operability

              Power Cabinet

                    Using power unit series technology, each power unit is equivalent to a one-voltage single-phase low-voltage converter

              Control cabinet

                     DSP+FPGA+PLC three-core control technology, the system has high control precision and fast response speed

              Optical fiber communication with strong anti-interference ability is used between the main control board and the unit.

              Technical Parameters

              MVD Item AMV-IV~250~1500 AMV-IV~500~9800 AMV-IV~800~12500
              Capacity of MVD(kVA) 250~1500 500~9800 800~12500
              Apply motor Power(kW) 200~1250 400~7800 630~10000
              Rated input Current(A) 50~300 50~960 50~780
              Rated input Voltage(V) 3000±10% 6000±10% 10000±10%
              Rated input frequency(Hz) 45~55
              Input power factor 0.96(>20% Load)
              Effiency Under Rated load>0.95
              Range of output frequency(Hz) 5~60(Other frequency should be stated before booking)
              Output frequency resolution (Hz) 0.01
              Overloading 120% anti-time limit of 1 minute, 150% immediate protection
              Analog input 2 lines(0~10)V/(4~20)mA
              Analog Output 4 lines(0~10)V/(4~20)mA
              Acceleration time(s) 0.1~3000
              Input/Ouput Switch Qty Standard Setting: Input 6,output 6 lines; Can be options
              Inner earthing Resistance(Ω) <0.1
              Ambient(°C) 0~40 (°C)
              Storage / transport temperature(°C) -40~70(°C)
              Cooling Air Cooling
              Running Decibel(dB) ≤85
              Ambient humidity <90%,No Congeal
              Install Altitude(m) ≤1000M,If more than 1000meter,need to booked.
              IP Class IP4X
              Diameter Size(mm) 4800×2450×1300
              Net Weight(kg) 3000~5000

              Two Limit
              Four limit
              Voltage Classes
              3KV 6KV 10KV 6KV 10KV
              Voltage Fluctuation Range
              Voltage Frenquency 
              Power Factor
              ≥ 0.97(full load)
              System Efficiency
              ≥ 0.96(full load)
              Current Harmonics
              ≤ 4%
              ≤ 2% 
              ≤ 4%
              Voltage Range
              0- Rated Voltage
              Frequency Range
              0-120Hz; can be customized
              Current Harmonics
              ≤ 4%
              ≤ 2%
              Control Performance
              Control Mode
              High performance VF control,open-loop vector,close-loop vector control
              Speed Ratio
              Velocity Control Accuracy
              ±1%(VF); ±0.4%(SVC); ±0.2%(VC)
              Torque Response Time
              < 200ms(SVC);< 100ms(VC)
              Pull-in Torque
              0.5Hz150% rated torque(SVC);0Hz180% rated torque(VC)
              Overload Protection
              120%:120s;150%:5s;200%: protection
              150%:60S;200%: protection
              Add-subtract Speed Time
              0-6000S, can be customized
              Signal Distribution Unit
              On-off Input
              18 channels digital input (expandable, programmable)
              On-off Output
              12 channels digital output (expandable, programmable)
              Analog Input
              Four analog inputs (0-10V or 0-20mA))
              Analog Output
              2 channels analog input (0-10V or 0-20mA)
              System protection
               Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, phase loss, imbalance, overheat, overtemperature, access control, communication, etc
              Cell protection
              Undervoltage, overvoltage, overtemperature, phase loss, optical fiber, overcurrent, etc
              Human-computer interface
              10 inch touch screen
              Communication way 
              Support Modbus agreement,profibus, Profinet optional
              Installation Method
              Cabinet assembly
              Protection grade
              Noise Level
              ≤ 75dB
              Incoming / outgoing lines
              Into the out
              Cooling Type
              Forced air cooling
              control source
              AC380V,three-phase four-wire
              Mean time to failure
              Operating ambient temperature
              -20℃ -+40℃
              1000m below,1000m ,each 100m Derating  1%
              Storage temperature
              Stored in free from dust, direct sunlight, combustible or corrosive gas, oil, water vapor and vibration
              Vibration amplitude
              0.59g  below

              Product Feature

              1.Three control techniques

              ● High performance VF control: motor universal control mode, support a variety of control curves and VF separation function

              ● Open loop vector :high precision control mode, no need to install speed sensor

              ● Closed-loop vector :ultra high precision control mode, can support additional encoder

              2.Four quadrant drive technology

              The power unit uses IGBT for rectification to realize bi-directional flow of capacity, energy saving and environmental protection. Full power feedback capability.

              3.LVRT low voltage crossing technology

              Wide range voltage immunity.

              The system has AVR (automatic voltage regulation)

              function to meet the harsh power grid environment:

              85%-85% derating output

              85%-110% full load output

              110%-120% derating output

              4.Excellent low frequency control technology

              Advanced dead zone compensation technology, good low frequency waveform; The optimized low frequency oscillation suppression algorithm will not cause motor resonance.

              5.Unit bypass technique

              Same bypass. When a unit fails, the system automatically bypasses each corresponding unit, which is suitable for derating operations Neutral offset bypass. High voltage output capacity, strong field adaptability.

              6.Full frequency speed tracking

              The system can accurately track the current speed and direction of the motor without the need to install speed sensors. The system can start automatically when the power failure is recovered within the specified time.

              7.Master control technology

              ●The host and slave are connected by CAN bus to balance the power of multiple devices.

              ● Wide input voltage range, more suitable for domestic power grid conditions.

              ● No special requirements for motor, suitable for ordinary high voltage motor, no length limit for motor cable.

              ● Equipped with a comprehensive operation monitoring system, with up to tens of thousands of operation log monitoring, can timely and accurately lock the fault point.

              ● Friendly all-Chinese interface and perfect self-diagnosis function.

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