10kv Arc Extinction Cabinet

10kv Arc Extinction Cabinet

Rongzhi Electric Power is a large-scale 10kv arc extinction cabinet manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in High voltage equipment for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the South America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

Rongzhi 10kv arc extinction cabinet Introduction

10kv arc extinction cabinet also known as (computer arc suppression and harmonic line selection and overvoltage protection device), is used in the power industry for 3-35KV neutral point ungrounded, neutral point grounded by arc suppression coil or neutral point grounded by high resistance in the power system, can limit all kinds of overvoltage in the system, effectively improve the safety of the system and power supply reliability.

At the same time, because the arc grounding overvoltage lasts for a long time, the energy easily exceeds the bearing capacity of the arrester, resulting in the explosion of the arrester. Then the high amplitude overvoltage caused by arc grounding intensifies the cumulative damage of solid insulation such as cables and even breakdown and firing.

Rongzhi 10kv arc extinction cabinet Product Model Description

Rongzhi 10kv arc extinction cabinet Operating Environment

1.Ambient temperature: indoor type -30℃~+40℃.

2. Altitude: not more than 1500 meters (higher than 1500 meters, please specify when ordering).

3.The surrounding air is not obviously polluted by dust, gas, smoke, corrosion and other specific explosive mixture.

4.Surrounding air humidity: average daily relative humidity ≤96%, average monthly relative humidity ≤90%, average daily water vapor pressure ≤ 2.2kpa, average monthly water vapor pressure S 1.8kpa.

Rongzhi 10kv arc extinction cabinet Operating Principle

In normal operation, the microcomputer controller continuously detects the voltage signal provided by PT. Once the system has PT disconnection, single-phase metal grounding or single-phase arc grounding, its auxiliary secondary open triangle voltage will immediately change from electrical low level to high level. Microcomputer controller starts. According to the change of PT secondary voltage, the type and phase drama are judged

Rongzhi 10kv arc extinction cabinet Schematic Diagram

Rongzhi 10kv arc extinction cabinet Structure Drawing

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