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Application Fields

  • Electricity

    Induced draft fan, blower, primary fan, secondary fan, feed water pump, circulating water pump, condensate pump, mortar pump, etc.

  • Mine

    Main and auxiliary shaft hoist, main fan, pressure fan, extraction fan, air Compressor, gas drainage pump, medium pump, drainage pump, belt machine, roller Press, etc.

  • Petroleum And Natural Gas

    Oil pumping pump, water injection pump, submersible electric pump, LNG pressure pump, etc.

  • Metallurgy

    Sintering spindle fan, blast furnace blower, dust blower, sulfur dioxide drumFan, ring air cooler, combustion fan, circulating water pump, slag pump, except Phosphorus pump, chemical liquid pump, pulp pump, rolling mill, etc

  • Cement

    High temperature fan, kiln head exhaust fan, kiln tail exhaust fan, coal mill circulating fan,raw material grinding circulating fan, cement grinding circulating fan, ball mill, etc.

  • Public Works

    Clean water pump, sewage pump, purification pump, mixed flow pump, feed blower, etc.

  • Chemical Industry

    Dust removal fan, gas blower, Roots fan, desulfurization fan, gasCompressor (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc.), circulating water pump, etc

  • Other

    Pharmaceutical paper industry fan, water pump, etc. Sugar industry feeder, press, etc. rubber industry mixer and so on.

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