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European type of outdoor prefabricated substation customized

European type of outdoor prefabricated substation customized

In order to better adapt to the new situation of economic, social and power grid development, improve the power supply capacity and adaptability of the distribution network, reduce the loss and power supply cost of the distribution network, save land resources, and meet the development needs of the power system for "boosting, increasing capacity, upgrading and optimizing the channel", On the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technologies and design concepts, our company has designed and manufactured YBM-24/0.4 series of "HV/LV prefabricated substation" (European box type substation) with 20kV distribution voltage grade, in which high-voltage switches, transformers and low-voltage switches are pre installed in the substation. High voltage switchgear shall be selected according to the principle of small size, oil-free, good performance, high reliability, maintenance free or less maintenance, which can realize terminal or looped network operation. The power distribution transformer shall be energy-saving and environment-friendly (low loss and low noise) transformer with Dyn11 connection group, tap and 20kV power supply. The product has the advantages of high power supply reliability, reasonable structure, flexible installation, convenient operation, small size, low cost, etc. It is used in the system with high voltage of 20kV, especially in the current 20KV system, and can be directly used after the system is transformed to 20KV. It can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, airports, stations, residential areas, ports, highways, subways and other places in the urban network transformation.

Model:European type prefabricated substation

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Product Description

Our company offers the YBM-24/0.4 series of "HV/LV prefabricated substations" (European box type substations), designed to meet the demands of economic, social, and power grid development. These substations are specifically created to enhance power supply capacity and adaptability, reduce distribution network losses and costs, and conserve valuable land resources. The YBM-24/0.4 series is an impressive solution designed to cater to the power system's requirements for boosting, increasing capacity, upgrading, and optimizing channels.

Key Features:Compact and space-saving design, effectively utilizing land resources.Flexible wiring options, allowing for both ring network and terminal applications. The substations can accommodate both low-pressure and high-pressure metering.Equipped with current limiting high-breaking fuses to provide reliable protection for the distribution transformer.The distribution transformer is designed with Dyn11 wiring and a 20KV tap, enabling operation within a 20KV system. After the system is transformed to 20KV, the substation can operate directly through tap adjustment.The substation's aesthetics seamlessly blend it with the surrounding environment, providing a distinctive cultural atmosphere. The box's top is adorned with colored tiles and the walls are made from building structural materials, often decorated with cultural granite or marble, ensuring a pleasing appearance that harmonizes with its surroundings.Operating Environment:Suitable for outdoor placement.Altitude: ≤ 2000mOutdoor temperature range: -45℃ to +45℃Wind speed: ≤ 35m/sAverage relative humidity (25℃): Daily average ≤ 95%, monthly average ≤ 90%Seismic intensity: 8Product Structure: The box type substation features two primary structures: "eye" type and "pin" type. It consists of independent high-voltage rooms, transformer rooms, and low-voltage rooms. The lighting in each room is automatically controlled by the opening and closing of each respective door.

The high-voltage chamber can house high-performance imported or domestic switchgear with comprehensive protection features. Depending on the desired functionality, the high-voltage cabinet can be configured for terminal, ring network, or switching station use, facilitating the metering of shunt incoming and outgoing lines. This cabinet can be equipped with load switches (or circuit breakers), fuses, grounding switches, lightning arresters, mutual inductors, live displays, instruments, and watt hour meters. The load switch fuse combination device ensures that the load switch remains open even if one phase of the fuse is fused, effectively preventing phase failure operation accidents.

The transformer is available in different types, including oil-immersed, dry-type, and amorphous alloy, all of which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. An automatic temperature control exhaust fan is installed on top of the transformer room, allowing for precise temperature control. Additionally, the transformer room features a screen door to prevent accidental entry during observations.

The low-voltage room can be configured with or without a corridor. It can accommodate various fixtures, such as metering cabinets, main switch cabinets, outgoing cabinets, capacitance compensation cabinets, and contact cabinets (when two transformers are present). Both fixed and drawer low-voltage switchgear options are available, providing comprehensive functions for low-voltage applications.

The YBM-24/0.4 series of outdoor prefabricated substations are an ideal choice for various applications, including industrial and mining enterprises, airports, stations, residential areas, ports, highways, and subways. They are particularly well-suited for urban network transformations, especially for systems operating at 20KV or those being upgraded to a 20KV system.

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