Even And Odd Harmonic Filters

Even And Odd Harmonic Filters

Rongzhi Electric Power is a large-scale Even And Odd Harmonic Filters manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in High voltage equipment for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the South America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

Rongzhi Even And Odd Harmonic Filters Introduction

Active power filter (APF: Active power filter (Active power filter) is a new type of power electronic device used for dynamic suppression of harmonics and compensation of reactive power. It can quickly track and compensate harmonics of different sizes and frequencies. The reason why it is called active is that compared with passive LC filter, it can only passively absorb harmonics of fixed frequency and size. APF can control and actively output the size, frequency and phase of current by sampling load current and separating each harmonic and reactive power, and quickly respond to offset the corresponding current in the load, realizing dynamic tracking compensation, and can complement both harmonic and reactive power and unbalance.

Rongzhi Even And Odd Harmonic Filters Model Instruction

Rongzhi Even And Odd Harmonic Filters Parameter (Specification)

Size 400V
Rated input line voltage 380V(-40%~+20%)
Power frequency 50/60Hz(Range45Hz~62Hz)
Number of Parallelable unlimited
overall efficiency ≥97%
Power network structure Three phase three wire four phase four wire
Current transformer 150/5~10000/5
circuit topology Three level
performance index
harmonic compensation support
reactive compensation support
unbalance compensation support
harmonic range >97%
fast response time <100us
total reponse time <10ms
Target power factor Capacitive sensibility is continuously adjustable
Switch frequency 10kHz
Cooling Type Intelligent air cooling
noise label <65dB
communication interface RS485,CAN, network interface
communication agreement General electric protocol. Modbus protocol
Module dis la interface
LCD multi-function touch color screen
Protection function Protection of overvoltage .short circuit, inverter reverse and over compensation
Fault Alarm Yes
Environmental requirement
Altitude ≤ 1500mm,Beween 1500 and 4000m, according to GB/T3859-2, every 100m increase, the power is reduced by 1%
Operating temperaturel -10℃~+40℃
Relative humidity 5%~95%,without condensation
Protection Grade Other IP levels can be customized

Rongzhi Even And Odd Harmonic Filters Basic principle

1. Voltage input range

Rated working voltage is 380V, can withstand -40% ~ +20% voltage fluctuation, frequency is 50/60Hz, can withstand +/-5% frequency fluctuation, adapt to a variety of different working conditions of power quality environment. At the same time, if the voltage fluctuation exceeds the upper and lower limits, the machine automatically locks the output and sends an alarm.

2. Automatic current limiting

Automatically limit the output to 100% within the rated capacity range. If the harmonic current on the load side is greater than the rated capacity of the machine, the machine will continue to output current to compensate the harmonic within the rated capacity, and will not overload itself or exit the operation.

3. Load short-circuit protection

It can withstand the impact of short circuit at the moment of load and restart after the short circuit is eliminated.

4. Parallel independent control

Connected to the power grid in parallel, the power grid will not be cut off due to machine failure. Multiple YW-APF active power filters in parallel system, if one machine is out of operation due to fault, the remaining machine can still work normally to realize the filtering function.

5. Three phase current independent control

Each phase current is controlled independently. Single-phase injection current is not affected by the unbalance of three-phase current in the system. The filtering capacity of neutral line is three times that of phase line.

6.IP protection level and lightning protection

The IP protection level is IP20. The lightning protection capacity is 20kA.

7. Monitor the system

The system has a fast and complete fault self-test function, including undervoltage or overvoltage of mains, overvoltage or overcurrent of bus, fan fault, overtemperature of power components, input fuse blown and other faults. All faults will send alarm signals through the LCD screen and LED running status light, and the machine automatically adopts corresponding operation protection system. The monitoring system can save 500 fault records in the case of power supply or power failure, facilitating cause analysis and troubleshooting.

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