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Rotary Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch

Rotary Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch

The GN30-12 (D) type rotary indoor high-voltage disconnect switch is a newly designed isolation switch with a rotary knife mechanism. Its main structure consists of two sets of insulators and contacts fixed on the two planes of a three-phase chassis. By utilizing the rotary contact, the switch can be easily turned on and off. The GN30-12 (D) type switch is an upgraded version that includes a grounding knife on the basis of the GN30-12 type switch, making it suitable for various power systems. Its compact design ensures minimal space occupation, while also offering excellent insulation capabilities. Installation and adjustment are hassle-free. This product meets the requirements of GB1985-89 "AC high voltage isolating switch and the grounding switch" standards. It is suitable for indoor power systems with a rated voltage of 10kV AC and below, operating at a frequency of 50Hz. The switch is specifically designed for opening and closing circuits under voltage conditions without load. It can be used with a high voltage switch cabinet or as a standalone device

Model:Gn30-12 Rotary Disconnect Switch

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Product Description

The GN30-12 (D) type rotary indoor high-voltage disconnect switch is an innovative rotary knife type switch that provides efficient isolation and grounding functions for high voltage systems. With its compact design, strong insulating ability, and easy installation and adjustment, this switch guarantees reliable performance and is suitable for various power systems. Whether used in conjunction with high voltage switch cabinets or as a stand-alone component, the GN30-12 ensures enhanced safety and versatile functionality in indoor power systems.

Key Features:Rotary Knife Type Design: The GN30-12 (D) switch incorporates a rotary knife design that enables seamless switching operations. By rotating the contact, it facilitates swift and reliable circuit interruptions, ensuring proper on-off functionality for high voltage systems.Enhanced Safety: With the addition of a grounding knife, the GN30-12 (D) type switch provides enhanced safety measures. It effectively meets the requirements of different power systems while offering reliable grounding capabilities, minimizing the risk of electrical accidents and ensuring the protection of personnel and equipment.Compact and Space-Saving Design: The GN30-12 switch is engineered with a compact structure, taking up minimal space within electrical enclosures. Its small footprint allows for maximum utilization of available space, making it an ideal choice for installations with limited real estate.Strong Insulating Ability: Designed to meet the GB1985-89 "AC high voltage isolating switch and the grounding switch" requirements, the GN30-12 switch offers exceptional insulating ability. It ensures reliable insulation between circuits, eliminating the potential for electrical leakage and enhancing the overall safety and performance of high voltage systems.Easy Installation and Adjustment: The GN30-12 switch is designed for hassle-free installation, allowing for quick and efficient integration into electrical setups. It also offers easy adjustment, allowing for optimum positioning and alignment within the system, ensuring seamless operation and minimal downtime.Wide Voltage Range Compatibility: The GN30-12 switch is suitable for indoor power systems with a rated voltage of 10kV AC 50Hz and below. Its versatile design ensures compatibility with various voltage configurations, enabling seamless integration into different environments and applications.Working Environment Conditions: To maintain optimal performance, the GN30-12 switch should be used within the following conditions:Altitude: Not exceeding 1000m.Ambient Air Temperature: Operating within a range of -10 ºC to +40 ºC.Relative Humidity: Daily average value not exceeding 95%, monthly average value not exceeding 90%.Contamination Grades: Usage in environments free from serious dust, corrosive and explosive materials.Earthquake Intensity: Operating within areas with an earthquake intensity not exceeding 8 degrees.Vibration Levels: Avoiding regular violent vibrations to prevent operational disruptions and maintain optimal performance.Conclusion: In summary, the GN30-12 Rotary Disconnect Switch offers enhanced safety, versatile functionality, and reliable performance for high voltage applications. Its rotary knife design, grounding knife addition, compact size, strong insulating ability, and easy installation and adjustment features make it an excellent choice for indoor power systems. With its wide voltage range compatibility and adherence to strict environmental conditions, the GN30-12 provides a reliable solution for efficient circuit interruptions and safety measures in various high voltage scenarios.

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