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What does active power filter do?


What does active power filter do?

1.Filter current harmonics, can effectively filter load current in the 2~25 times of each harmonic, so as to make the distribution network clean and efficient, meet the national standard of the distribution network harmonics requirements. The product really achieve self-adaptive tracking compensation, can automatically identify the overall load changes and load harmonic content changes and quickly track compensation, 80us response load changes, 20ms to achieve full tracking compensation.

2.Improve the system unbalance condition, can completely eliminate the system unbalance caused by harmonics, in the case of equipment capacity permits, can be set according to the user compensation system fundamental negative sequence and zero sequence unbalance component and moderate compensation reactive power. On the basis of ensuring the function of filtering harmonics, the system imbalance can be effectively improved.

3.Inhibit the resonance of the power grid, will not occur resonance with the power grid, and within the scope of its capacity can also effectively inhibit the resonance of the power grid itself. This is not possible with passive filtering devices.

4.A variety of protection functions, with over current, over voltage, under voltage, high temperature, measurement circuit fault, lightning strike and other protection functions, to ensure the safe operation of the device and power system, and can automatically exit the operation when the load is light, fully consider the economy of the operation.

5.Full digital operation, with friendly man-machine interface, so that the operation is simple, easy to use and maintenance.

6.Scalability, on the basis of the existing can also be based on the market demand for function expansion, such as can be extended with liquid crystal display monitoring, console, convenient for staff to view the operation of the device; In the case of unimpeded communication network, GPRS wireless communication technology can be applied to extend remote monitoring and even remote control.

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