Oil-Immersed Power Transformer

Oil-Immersed Power Transformer

Introducing our latest innovation in power distribution transformers: the 35kv oil immersed power distribution transformer, Three Phase S11, designed specifically for outdoor use. This transformer combines cutting-edge technology and superior performance to meet the demanding requirements of modern power distribution systems. The Three Phase S11 transformer is a high voltage transformer, capable of carrying up to 35kv power. Its oil immersed design ensures efficient cooling and insulation, allowing for reliable operation even in harsh environmental conditions. The transformer is optimized for outdoor use, with a robust and weatherproof construction that guarantees protection against moisture, dust, and other external factors. One of the key features of the S11 distribution transformer is its three-phase design, allowing for balanced power distribution across all phases. This ensures a stable and efficient power supply, minimizing energy losses and maximizing overall system performance. Additionally, the transformer's compact size and lightweight design make it easy to install and maintain, saving both time and effort. The S11 transformer is engineered for enhanced energy efficiency, with low no-load and load losses. This not only reduces energy waste but also lowers operational costs for the end-user. The transformer also incorporates advanced insulation materials and techniques, ensuring long-term reliability and durability. Safety is paramount when it comes to power distribution transformers, and the S11 transformer excels in this aspect. It is equipped with comprehensive protection systems, including temperature sensors, overload protection, and lightning protection, among others. These features safeguard the transformer from potential risks and ensure safe and consistent operation. In conclusion, our 35kv oil immersed power distribution transformer, Three Phase S11, is a high-performance and reliable solution for outdoor power distribution systems. Its advanced features, including three-phase design, energy efficiency, and comprehensive safety mechanisms, make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Invest in the S11 transformer and experience efficient and trouble-free power distribution like never before.

Model:35kv Oil immersed transformer

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Product Description

The 35kV Oil Immersed Transformer is a widely used electrical device, responsible for transforming the voltage of high voltage electrical grids to meet low voltage electrical demands. This article will explore the construction, operation, and application of the 35kV Oil Immersed Transformer. Construction The 35kV Oil Immersed Transformer is composed of two main components: the transformer body and the oil tank. The transformer body consists of a high-voltage coil, a low-voltage coil, an iron core, and insulation materials. The oil tank is responsible for storing the transformer oil, cooling the transformer, and maintaining electrical insulation. The oil tank is divided into two parts: an upper and lower part. The upper part contains auxiliary equipment such as a level gauge, oil temperature gauge, and gas relay. The lower part ensures that the transformer oil continually circulates, ensuring oil quality by reducing oxygen content, preventing pollution, and ensuring optimal performance. Operation The 35kV Oil Immersed Transformer operates based on Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction. This law states that when a high voltage current passes through the high-voltage coil of the transformer, it generates an alternating magnetic flux, which induces an electromotive force in the low-voltage coil. The transformer core plays a critical role in facilitating the transformation of high voltage to low voltage. The oil in the transformer serves as a crucial element in maintaining the transformer's electrical insulation, absorbing and dissipating heat, and reducing the transformer's oxygen content to prevent insulation aging. Application The 35kV Oil Immersed Transformer is primarily applied in 220kV/110kV power substations in the power system. It transforms high voltage electrical energy into low voltage electrical energy, providing electricity to cities, industries, and rural areas. Additionally, transformers are used in other industries, including railways, aviation, mining, and military. Railway substations often have special requirements for transformers, including the need for high humidity, vibration resistance, and magnetic interference protection. In conclusion, the 35kV Oil Immersed Transformer plays a vital role in both residential and industrial settings and is critical in ensuring the efficient and smooth operation of the power system. Effective maintenance and management are necessary to ensure optimal performance and extend the transformers' lifespan. The 35kV Oil Immersed Transformer is a crucial component in power distribution systems worldwide, and its importance cannot be underestimated.

The 35kV three-phase S11 oil immersed outdoor distribution transformer is an important electrical equipment used in the power transmission and distribution network. This transformer has the following characteristics and advantages.

Firstly, the 35kV S11 series transformers adopt oil immersed cooling method, which ensures good heat dissipation performance and long-term stability and reliability of the transformer. In addition, oil immersed cooling can effectively isolate the impact of air and humid environment on the transformer, improving the insulation performance of the transformer.

Secondly, the S11 series transformers adopt a fully enclosed, fully sealed, and explosion-proof structural design, which has excellent protective performance. The transformer casing is made of high-strength steel plate, and the surface has undergone anti-corrosion treatment, which can operate stably in harsh outdoor environments for a long time, ensuring the safety and reliability of the transformer.

In addition, the S11 series transformers also have the characteristics of low noise, low loss, and high efficiency. Adopting advanced electromagnetic design and high-quality power materials, the transformer has lower no-load and load losses, improves energy utilization efficiency, and reduces operating costs.

For different needs, the S11 series transformers also offer a variety of capacity and specification options. The use of copper wire windings and high-quality silicon steel sheets enables the transformer to have lower resistance and hysteresis losses, improving its load capacity and power factor.

In addition, the 35kV S11 series transformers are equipped with various protection devices, such as overload protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection, to ensure that the transformer can take timely measures in abnormal situations and protect the safety of power equipment and users.

Overall, the 35kV three-phase S11 oil immersed outdoor distribution transformer has good heat dissipation performance, protective performance, and high efficiency, and is suitable for various outdoor power transmission and distribution network situations. It is an important equipment to ensure the stable operation of the power system and power supply quality.

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