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China Squirrel Cage Asynchronous Soft Starter is one kind of products from RZMV factory. As one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide durable products. We can sell them at a low price and can be customized. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!

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  • High voltage  Inflatable SF6 RMU  Fully Enclosed Insulated Switchgear

    High voltage Inflatable SF6 RMU Fully Enclosed Insulated Switchgear

    Introducing the innovative SF6 ring main unit (RMU) - the SHSRM16-12. This cutting-edge technology brings a new dimension to the world of high voltage switchgears. As the demand for reliable electricity continues to grow, our inflatable ring network switchgear has been designed with the future in mind. With the SHSRM16-12, we have addressed the various challenges faced by traditional switchgears. This fully enclosed insulated ring network switchgear utilizes SF6 gas, a dielectric medium known for its excellent insulation properties. This allows for a more compact design, reducing the footprint of the switchgear and optimizing space. Our RMU metal construction ensures durability and resistance to external influences like harsh environmental conditions and vandalism. The robust build of the SHSRM16-12 guarantees uninterrupted power supply, even in the harshest of conditions. One of the key features of the SHSRM16-12 is its ability to be inflatable. This unique attribute enables easy installation and maintenance, making it a preferred choice across various industries. The convenience of the inflatable design significantly reduces downtime during installation and maintenance, minimizing operational costs for our customers. The insulated ring network of the SHSRM16-12 improves safety in operation. By isolating various sections of the network, the switchgear allows for the uninterrupted supply of power to different areas, enhancing overall reliability. The high voltage switchgear is equipped with advanced monitoring systems, enabling real-time data collection, analysis, and remote control capabilities. Through our state-of-the-art technology, potential faults can be identified and addressed promptly, ensuring optimal performance. At our company, we understand the importance of adaptability and flexibility in meeting the changing needs of our customers. The SHSRM16-12 combines advanced technology with a focus on sustainability. Our switchgear is designed to accommodate renewable energy sources, contributing to a greener future. In conclusion, the SHSRM16-12 offers a comprehensive solution for high voltage switchgear needs. With its inflatable design, robust metal construction, and advanced monitoring systems, this fully enclosed insulated ring network switchgear is revolutionizing the industry. Trust us to provide you with a reliable, efficient, and future-proof solution for your power distribution requirements.
  • Rotary Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch

    Rotary Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch

    The GN30-12 (D) type rotary indoor high-voltage disconnect switch is a newly designed isolation switch with a rotary knife mechanism. Its main structure consists of two sets of insulators and contacts fixed on the two planes of a three-phase chassis. By utilizing the rotary contact, the switch can be easily turned on and off. The GN30-12 (D) type switch is an upgraded version that includes a grounding knife on the basis of the GN30-12 type switch, making it suitable for various power systems. Its compact design ensures minimal space occupation, while also offering excellent insulation capabilities. Installation and adjustment are hassle-free. This product meets the requirements of GB1985-89 "AC high voltage isolating switch and the grounding switch" standards. It is suitable for indoor power systems with a rated voltage of 10kV AC and below, operating at a frequency of 50Hz. The switch is specifically designed for opening and closing circuits under voltage conditions without load. It can be used with a high voltage switch cabinet or as a standalone device
  • Low voltage cable branch box SMC

    Low voltage cable branch box SMC

    SHF1-Q-S low-voltage cable junction box box is molded with SMC composite materials at high temperature: it has good impact resistance, bending strength, anti-aging, high friction resistance, high corrosion resistance, beautiful and durable, convenient installation, high insulation strength, arc resistance, high flame retardancy and other advantages, and can meet the needs of various harsh environments and places in outdoor engineering projects. Suitable for power transmission and distribution in public places such as urban and rural power grid renovation, municipal engineering, residential areas, and high-rise buildings, as well as for control and protection of cable trunk type branching and branch lines.
  • Indoor high voltage electric load break switch with fuse

    Indoor high voltage electric load break switch with fuse

    The FZRN25-12 type AC high-voltage vacuum load switch-fuse combination electrical appliance is an indoor device with a rated voltage of 12KV and suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz. It is designed for use in industrial and mining sectors, enterprises, distribution substations, and power stations, serving the purposes of load control and short circuit protection. The equipped grounding switch is capable of withstanding short circuit current. The operating mechanism can be manual or electric, facilitating the fulfillment of three-remote control requirements in the power system. The FZRN25-12 type load switch and combination electrical appliance are suitable for load control and short circuit protection in municipal distribution substations and industrial power equipment supplied by three-phase ring networks or terminal power. Being more reliable and cost-effective in providing protection to transformers and other electrical equipment compared to circuit breakers, they are particularly suitable for ring networks, dual radiation power supply units, and compact substations.
  • Single Phase Castable Insulation High Sensitive Voltage Transformer

    Single Phase Castable Insulation High Sensitive Voltage Transformer

    The JDZ9-10 Single Phase Castable Insulation High Sensitive Voltage Transformer is a reliable and efficient transformer that operates on the same principle as traditional transformers. It features a small and constant capacity, ensuring normal operation even in an unloaded state. With a low impedance, this voltage transformer is equipped with a fuse on the primary side and a reliable grounding on the secondary side to prevent coil burnout and potential accidents in case of insulation failure. This transformer is designed for measurement purposes and can be used in a single phase or connected in a V-V configuration to form a three-phase system. It is suitable for various voltage measurement requirements, with multiple tapping points on the primary side. Additionally, it is equipped with a third coil for protection and grounding, enabling efficient and reliable protection of power systems. The JDZ9-10 transformer utilizes a side-closed core or three single-phase transformers, ensuring accuracy and over-excitation characteristics. It is made with pure copper wires and epoxy resin materials, providing excellent insulation performance. The fully enclosed structure and high-quality steel plates make it durable and easy to install. Furthermore, its compact and lightweight design, due to the high-quality steel cores, allows for installation in any position and ensures good conductivity. In summary, the JDZ9-10 Single Phase Castable Insulation High Sensitive Voltage Transformer offers reliable performance, high insulation, and easy installation, making it an ideal choice for various applications in the power industry
  • Stationary Type Metal Electric Switchgear Box RMU

    Stationary Type Metal Electric Switchgear Box RMU

    Introducing the SHK-12 Stationary Type Box Metal Electric Switchgear – a highly reliable and efficient solution for industrial use. This electric switchgear is designed to meet the needs of high voltage applications, ensuring seamless operation and maximum safety. Constructed with high-quality metal enclosure, the SHK-12 switchgear offers unparalleled durability and protection. It is designed to withstand harsh environments, providing long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements. The sturdy construction also ensures that the switchgear is safe from external damages, making it an ideal choice for various industrial settings. The SHK-12 switchgear is known for its exceptional electrical performance. Equipped with advanced technology and precision engineering, it guarantees efficient distribution and control of electrical power. The metal enclosure effectively isolates electrical components, preventing any potential hazards and ensuring the safety of personnel. Featuring a stationary type design, this switchgear ensures a compact and space-saving solution. It can be easily installed in limited spaces or tight enclosures without compromising on functionality. The SHK-12 switchgear offers convenience and flexibility in its application, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial environments. With its compliance to international standards and regulations, the SHK-12 switchgear ensures superior performance and reliability. It undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure adherence to industry standards, guaranteeing a product that meets the highest level of quality and efficiency. In conclusion, the SHK-12 Stationary Type Box Metal Electric Switchgear is a top-tier solution for industrial use. Its high-quality construction, exceptional electrical performance, and compliance with international standards make it a reliable and efficient choice for high voltage applications. Whether it's for power distribution or control, this switchgear proves to be an ideal choice for industries seeking a dependable and robust solution. Choose the SHK-12 switchgear and experience the benefits of advanced technology and excellent performance in your industrial operations.

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