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Dedicated circuit breaker zero sequence current transformer

Dedicated circuit breaker zero sequence current transformer

The LZW8-10 Dedicated Circuit Breaker Zero Sequence Current Transformer is designed to transform the high current on the primary side into a uniform standard 5A or 1A current. This current is then used as the standard input current for measurement, metering instruments, and relay protection devices. Selecting the correct current transformer is crucial as it involves ensuring the accuracy of measurement and metering instruments, as well as the proper operation of relay protection devices. When selecting a current transformer, several factors need to be considered. Firstly, the type of current transformer must be chosen based on the desired measurement and protection objectives. The primary and secondary rated current ratios need to be carefully selected in order to achieve accurate measure......

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3 phase Indoor  Open-Close Type  Zero Sequence current transformer

3 phase Indoor Open-Close Type Zero Sequence current transformer

The LXK Series Zero Sequence Current Transformer is specifically designed for use in power systems and high-voltage three-phase AC generators and motors, providing effective protection against zero sequence overcurrent. It is suitable for indoor installation and can be used in 10kV and below, 50Hz line circuits. The outer diameter of the transmission cable should not exceed 120mm. Innovative Design: The LXK Series features a unique and innovative design, dividing the current transformer into two halves. These halves are then cast in resin to form a semicircular shape and connected using clamping brackets. This design allows for easy installation by separating and then merging the current transformer into a single unit, ensuring utmost convenience during setup. Secure and Reliable Protect......

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