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Rotary Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch

Rotary Indoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch

The GN30-12 (D) type rotary indoor high-voltage disconnect switch is a newly designed isolation switch with a rotary knife mechanism. Its main structure consists of two sets of insulators and contacts fixed on the two planes of a three-phase chassis. By utilizing the rotary contact, the switch can be easily turned on and off. The GN30-12 (D) type switch is an upgraded version that includes a grounding knife on the basis of the GN30-12 type switch, making it suitable for various power systems. Its compact design ensures minimal space occupation, while also offering excellent insulation capabilities. Installation and adjustment are hassle-free. This product meets the requirements of GB1985-89 "AC high voltage isolating switch and the grounding switch" standards. It is suitable for indoor p......

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